What We Do

Marine and Wildlife Rescue provides an animal rescue service in Norfolk and Suffolk. The registered charity was founded in 1990 to rescue both Common and Grey Seals. It has since evolved to cater for all kinds of wildlife. We have specialist vets to tend to the animals that come into our care, and all wildlife, where possible, is returned to the wild. Our members are all voluntary and are dedicated to the cause of helping wildlife. We enjoy the work that we do and are grateful for all offered support.

Who We Are

Dan Goldsmith - Chairman

I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation since the age of 11. As long as I can remember I was passionate about nature and conservation, and I have worked in that sector. The most rewarding feeling ever is releasing a fit and healthy animal back into the wild after making meticulous efforts to rehabilitate/rear it. Helping with various local wildlife charities over the years I established a good friendship with Bev Cosse. Bev led the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust for 25 years and I had the pleasure of getting to know her and becoming involved with the charity. Unfortunately, Bev passed away suddenly late in 2013/ Myself, along with others who Bev inspired are now taking the charity forward under the new name: Marine and Wildlife Rescue. We look forward to continuing the great work she established, and rescuing wildlife casualties throughout Norfolk.

Sam Darling - Animal Rescuer

Always living on the outskirts of town, I am fascinated about what one becomes a part of once away from the loud cars, brick and concrete. The wildlife becomes so much easier to connect with! Learning from a young age about wildlife, nature and its values from my Grandparents, I quickly decided I was to be one of those 'country bumpkins'! I've worked and met some excellent individuals in the field of conservation and good animal husbandry such as farmers, gamekeepers, naturalists, charity workers, land owners and people who, like me, are just keen to help out! I am passionate about helping wildlife and I know that far too often, humans are responsible for so many negative effects towards it. This, in my eyes, isn’t good enough. Every animal I will ever come into contact with will always be treated with the greatest respect.

Elliott Simpson - Veterinary Surgeon

Having grown up in rural North Norfolk volunteering at the charity (when previously known as the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust), I then studied Veterinary Science at Bristol, returning home in 2014 to Norfolk to begin building a career around the exotic species and birds that had always captivated my imagination, whilst now studying a Cert AVP in Zoological Medicine and Surgery. Alongside our day-to-day zoo and exotics work, Westover Vets Ltd is proud to provide clinical support, veterinary care and guidance to Marine and Wildlife Rescue. It is important to me that local vets and wildlife charities work hand-in-hand to achieve the common goal of the highest level of care for our wildlife, with the aim always being to return a healthy animal back into the wild, as soon as possible.